I have been referring clients to YourDUISolutions for a couple years because I know they will be well cared for. For most people, a DUI is a scary, confusing, and difficult situation; there are tasks and timelines, requirements and restrictions seemingly around every corner. Tony and his crew are right there and ready to help deal with the logistics and to make the process smooth and simple; he helps them to breathe a little easier. Whether it is the SR22 or other insurance, the DUI school, or the dreaded interlock device, they are right there to help. As long as my clients continue to tell me how satisfied they are with them, I will continue to refer.

David Givot
The Legal Guardian

As an attorney defending clients charged with DUI all over Orange County, it is great having an agent like Tony and his support staff that could get my clients an SR-22 and get me a motor vehicle report instantaneously. Also, I know Your DUI Solutions rates are very competitive and they make filing the SR-22 very easy for my clients. They even go out of their way to make sure they get enrolled into the right DUI program and get the IID when it’s necessary.  In most cases my clients are back on the road with a restricted a day or two after calling.

Hieu Vu

I am proud to say that Your DUI Solutions is the only choice on the market if you’re looking for the right people to help you after being charged with a DUI and are concerned about your insurance rates from skyrocketing. Being charged with a DUI is a traumatic experience but the folks over at Your DUI Solutions have the training, experience and knowledge to make this challenge a lot less scary for you. As a criminal defense attorney I know that you cannot achieve great results for your clients unless you have the right talent to rely on. Thank you DUI Solutions for all the help with my DUI clients. Keep up the great work!

Principal Attorney

Without hesitation, I recommend all my clients who are facing a license suspension due to a DUI arrest to Tony Toscano and his knowledgeable team at Your DUI Solutions.  Being arrested for a DUI is a very frightening situation and the first thing an individual must do after being arrested for a DUI is obtain an experienced DUI attorney and the services of Your DUI Solutions.  This is because the attorney is able to assist you from a legal standpoint and Your DUI solutions can assist you in how to obtain your license back should you suffer a license suspension via the DMV administration process.  Your DUI Solutions is your one stop shop to obtain an SR-22, the breathalyzer, DUI classes, and/or obtain insurance coverage.

Additionally, there are a lot of companies that provide similar services to that of Your DUI Solutions.  But, the personnel at Your DUI Solutions are professional and knowledgeable about the law surrounding the issues affecting your license to drive.  They will also handle your case with great care and treat you as if you were a family member in need of assistance.

Lastly, as a criminal defense attorney, I am very particular who I send my clients to for certain services.  Throughout the years, I have had the privilege of personally getting to know Tony Toscano, the owner and CEO of Your DUI Solutions.  He is very involved in the community and will often volunteer his time to provide food to the homeless or participate in toy drives by donating toys.  He is also well respected within the legal community and is known as a trustworthy and honest person.  I without doubt know that when I send a client to Tony and his team that he will be well taken care of.  Thank you Tony and Your DUI Solutions for providing excellent services to my clients and the community as a whole.

Attorney, Juanita Kay

For years my company has been defending the rights of California drivers at all forms of driver license suspension hearings before the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Despite our best efforts, we simply can’t win all of our hearings and that requires the back-up of a premier insurance company.

Before meeting Tony Toscano and his team of experts at Your DUI Solutions, our clients received lack luster service from many providers. The service and commitment to excellence provided by Tony and his team has been a real breath of fresh air. They go the extra mile.

If you have any questions regarding auto insurance, including the notorious SR-22 Form, call Your DUI Solutions. I’m confident your experience will be the same.

Rob Collier
California Drivers Advocates, Inc.

Your DUI Insurance Solutions is a great company that has a trustworthy staff and provides excellent service. I recommend “Your DUI Insurance Solutions” because it has made the process of dealing with DUI insurance painless for my clients. Obtaining an SR-22 is a process my clients would normally dread but the staff at Your DUI Insurance Solutions takes care of everything. I recommend Your DUI Insurance Solutions to all my clients because they get the job done at the most competitive price with the greatest service.  I hold Your DUI Insurance Solutions in the highest regard as far as customer service. The folks at Your DUI Insurance Solutions are cognizant of the fact that they are in the customer service business.  Their staff are top notch. When my clients have questions they are always there for them via telephone or email to get the information and answers they need in a prompt and courteous manner. I want to say thank you for treating my clients as family.

Vincent Tucci

I highly recommend that anyone charged with a DUI or Driving on a Suspended License contact Your DUI Solutions. They are extremely knowledgeable about what you need in order to get you back on the road legally,  as soon as possible. They work with you not only in finding the best insurance to suit your needs, but in finding the right alcohol program and IID provider, if necessary. Their customer service is second to none. They also work closely with your lawyer in order to make sure the advice they give you is going to give your lawyer the best ammunition necessary in order to achieve the best result possible in court!

Jeff Kent Esq
Criminal Defense Attorney

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Your DUI Solutions on behalf of my clients who are facing issues related to their DUI arrests.  I can say without reservation, Your DUI Solutions is a very well organized and professional company that strives to offer the ultimate in service to their clients.  I am impressed time and again at the results they achieve day in and day out to minimize the financial hardships and confusing issues faced by their clients.   I recommend this company to any seeking assistance with insurance related issues and have actually referred dozens of my clients to them only to have those clients thank me again and again afterwards.  Your DUI Solutions is simply put the best in the business at getting fantastic results.

Thank you Your DUI Solutions for your diligence and professionalism.

Jarrod Wilfert  Esq
Criminal Defense Attorney

When it comes to helping people out in times of need, Tony Toscano is the person to seek out when it comes to insurance. He has really carved out a niche in the field of helping out people with SR-22 insurance when arrested for a DUI. I trust him with my client’s 110%. He knows what he is doing, is dependable and walks every client through the process step by step. He also refunds 100% of my client’s money if they do not need an SR-22, which means they can get it early on, lock in a clean driving record at no risk!

Joshua Price Esq
Criminal Defense Attorney

I have been in practice, representing persons arrested for driving under the influence since 1997. Every time an SR 22 was necessary to restrict or reinstate a client’s license, I would routinely get the same question, “Can I get the SR22 without telling my insurance company?” The answer I would always give them was “No.” But recently I was introduced by another DUI attorney to Tony Toscano. Tony has now benefited dozens of my clients by issuing the SR22’s without the need of my clients’ insurance company being notified, saving them potentially thousands of dollars as well as policy cancellation. Tony establishes the SR22 and counsels the client on their options. We refer all clients to Tony now and our clients are happier for it.

Michael Cognata Esq
Criminal Defense Attorney

For the last three years I have referred my clients to Tony for all their SR-22 needs. Tony and his office have always done an outstanding job, saving clients 1,000’s of dollars in insurance costs. I highly recommend Tony to anyone who needs License reinstatement services!

Michael A. Scafiddi, Esq.,
Owner at the Law Offices Of Michael A. Scafiddi

Tony Toscano at DUI Solutions is an absolute godsend for my office and all of my clients they are so thrilled to have a resource that is so knowledgeable and caring. Tony always goes beyond the extra mile for all of his clients and the attorneys who work with him!
I am very confident whenever I send a client to Tony because I’m certain that he will give them the best advice and guide them in the right direction. Getting a DUI is a nightmare! It’s often very frustrating and very frightening but with the help of Tony, you can make the best out of a bad situation!

Tony’s outside of the box thinking and tremendous expertise in this area allows him to enlighten clients so that they can get their licenses back and be in good standing with the court system as soon as possible. I can’t emphasize enough how fortunate we are to know and to recommend Tony Toscano & DUI Solutions to all of our highly satisfied clients!

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“I have been in business for over 20 years and my company — Lifesafer of Northern California — provides Interlock services to DUI clients who are in need of our services to regaining their licenses back as a result of a recent DUI. As part of their requirement to regain their license, they are required to obtain an SR-22. I have referred my clients to several insurance agents over the past 20 years, and clients would always come back and tell me how they would get the runaround and that they were charged additional fees .
Then I was fortunate enough-to meet the folks at YOUR DUI SOLUTION, and I learned very quickly that they provide excellent service and do so with integrity and honesty .No hidden fees, no runaround, just straight talk and excellent service at the lowest price. I will continue to recommend YOUR DUI SOLUTION to all my clients for all their insurance needs.”

David Nico, President, Lifesafer of Northern California Inc.





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