DUI Drivers License Program

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Low Cost program that cuts the red tape and allows you to reinstate your Driver’s license as quick as the day it suspends. Be prepared and structured with the process needed to reactivate your license with a minimum suspension.  ( 1 day suspension or same day DMV suspension)

Our program is guaranteed and in writing for your peace of mind. Our company was exclusively only for Criminal Defense Attorney clients, we are now offering our services at a fraction of the cost to all DUI arrests in California. We are not Attorney’s and don’t offer legal advice. This program is to help DUI arrests who will use a Public Defender for their legal matter but want peace of mind and a guarantee that their Driver’s license will be reactivated with only a 1 day suspension.

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Privacy Policy

Our job is to make this process discrete and understand that this a sensitive manner for you. We will work with you to communicate throughout the process. We offer text, email, phone calls anything that can help you get this resolved in the most discrete manner. All your information is confidential and is protected in a secure system. Our job is to get you back on the road legally and as fast as possible.