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For the opportunity to handle your Driver’s License Reinstatement needs. We will work with you throughout the process to cut the red tape and get your license reinstated.

All with a money back guarantee!! If you have any questions call us today (844)-404-3344

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After 10 years in the industry, we decided to alter direction. Now, we share our passion by helping others.

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DMV utilizes a difficult process to make the process complicated and confusing. We will cut the red tape to get you back on the road legally and guarantee it in writing or your money back.

Thousands Of Satisfied Customers

Our ramp up process is designed to empower you and streamline your Driver's Licence reinstatement process.

We Are The Best!

In the past we worked exclusively with DUI Criminal Defense Attorney's on their clients needs. Our goal is to guide you and work with your schedule to streamline the process

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What Our Customers Say

Jesus M.
“I had an overall great experience with thIs DUI solutions they guided me through the whole process and checked up on me consistently and made sure my license was reinstated and I can enjoy my driving privileges again once again I highly recommend this and overall my experience was amazing"
Matthew C.
"Helped me to get my license reinstated, walked me through the steps and were available during the whole process for questions"
Kevin F.
"Takes you through the process and helps coordinate with DMV as well as finding classes, getting interlock systems and if need be switching insurance providers.."
Valerie R.
Hours before Mariana reached out to me I was confused and struggling on next step on what I had to do next after I got the DUI I was hopeless ....she called me and made everything better telling she was going to be there every step of the way she listen to me and she's the best for getting me in the program she saved me from falling into depression . Idk how things are gonna go but she gave me a lot of faith and I trusted her so I went ahead and join because I have no idea what the heck I got myself into and if she's gonna be the only person to each out to help me . Thank you so much girl ! You deserve a raise !
Cody S.
"Everyone that has recently got a DUI needs to call this place A1 best desicion to get you're license back. Talked with Jesse very helpful answered all my questions, you need to talk with Jesse best customer service for a situation you have questions on."
Don N.
"Thanks to Your DUI Solutions they took all the stress off my shoulders! They were very reassuring and walked me through the necessary steps to regain my Driver's License with several different options as I have limited financial resources right now as I'm sure a lot of other people right now. Thanks for explaining everything so well and making sure I know all of my options and making me feel at ease."
Rachel L.
"Wow! I got my DL back faster then what I initially was told before I came into this place this place is amazing and I saved a lot more money than expected. Denise was a pleasure to work with she made me feel comfortable and took the time to make things easy and understandable for me. Feels good to do things right. Thank you again."
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Jesus M.
Rialto, CA
Matthew C.
Moreno Valley, CA
Kevin F.
San Jose, CA